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Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? The same I could done using uGuru application. Does this link not work? Happy to help if you need more information. I’ve never personally set up any RAID arrays so I don’t know the exact procedure, but yours seems logical. ANY dimm into slot 2 or 4 yeilds startup error beeps and a tight loop of? I’m glad you were able to solve your problem.

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Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. ASrock maybe the company I move too, they seem to have the same type of gamer friendly design’s ayci Abit did. Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver http: All the rest are Aux fans except for the CPU fan. The solution given is: Thanks again for your kind assistance.

BIN” introduced these problems.

Gonna do it myself this time. Thanks in advance I work nights so Ill update when I can. So everythime I start linx the pc shuts down.


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Abit IP35 Pro + Mod = SATA-AHCI Error! | My Digital Life Forums

Thank you for all that you do Ligusta! My apologies if you require this specific BIOS.

Great, thanks for your help! Can someone give a rough range of these setting that I should stay in between? I’m getting ready to load Win7 Home Premium on a new build using a IPPro for my non-technical minded son-in-law, and I need advice on a couple of things before I do.

Jul 10, 1. Finally looking to upgrade and now the company Lp35 relied ait is gone. I use prime95 blend for 1h. I’m getting good fps on the games I play, and thing is still solid on a E Weird that u guys need so much more voltage.

How to enable AHCI (Onboard Intel Ports) on my IP35-Pro?

Can I install Win7 with all 8g 4x2g of memory in place, or do I need to use 1 stick only until agit OS is loaded? BIOS 14 and below have reportedly better compatibility with 65nm processors, which is what your Q is.


I will re-add this thread to my bookmarks to monitor it better.

This has been a great board. Other than enabling AHCI, nope. I do not have an SSD. To turn in raid mode you do not need to reinstall the OS, there is a registry trick win 7 and then you switch to raid mode in the bios and the OS boot fine.

Out of curiosity, why flash to the 14zzz BIOS and not the latest 18zzz one? Your name or email address: I would suggest updating. See abt first post for valid links. Chipset driver Audio driver Ethernet driver Do I need sbit update these?

I am currently running it at x9.