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Loading driver fails on latest firmwar Tue May 03, 8: Then it copies the data from user space to kernel space, points the urb to the data and submits the urb to the USB subsystem. All of this is done with the following code:. Are you sure you have the new firmware files installed? Please enable Javascript in your browser!

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The only alternative version is this one: This also updated the firmware of the SD card to the latest version, and since then, the TV dongle driver fails to load at sa10x. Is there anything else to be done?

Firmware Contents

Anyone with some hints or solutions? This new version is based on the reworked driver that is currently on the “staging” phase to be included in one of the next Linux kernel releases. If the timeout period expires without receiving any data from the device, the function will fail and return an error message. Linux currently supports almost all USB class devices standard types of devices like keyboards, mice, modems, printers and speakers and an ever-growing number of vendor-specific devices such as USB to serial converters, digital cameras, Ethernet devices and MP3 players.


SOLVED: Problem with DVB-S2 PCTV e (vendor: id: ) – Tvheadend

This function is called when the urb is finished by the USB subsystem. This can be shown with the following code:. Anyway, even with 2.

For a full list of the different USB devices currently supported, see Resources. Moreover, I think there is no dependency in the driver, as the as is an all-in-one chip. I am trying this solution, but can’t get it working.

When the driver is unloaded from the system, it needs to deregister itself with the USB subsystem. In this article I will walk through the basics of the skeleton driver, isb the different pieces and what needs to be done to customize it to your specific device. I have the same on an up-to-date Pi2.

I must say that this tip solved the problem for me also. The driver needs to clean any private data that has been allocated at this time and to shut down any pending urbs that are xs10x the USB system. Edited by Gennar1, 11 February – Loading driver fails on latest firmwar Sat Dec 31, 7: We might want to dig deeper and actually fix the bug one day.


That’s strange, since this driver is reported to work on kernel 3 in the above post and I also installed it with success in my Ubuntu Board index All times are UTC. Thanks Edited by lionheart, 11 February – The Linux Kernel 4. Installing knfsd copyright C okir monad. Then it copies the data from user space to kernel space, points the uusb to the data and submits the urb to the USB subsystem.

[etxx00] patch to support Abilis as102 devices on kernel 3.0.3

See Resources for some links to handy reverse-engineering tools. Loading driver fails on latest firmwares. The driver jernel needs to verify that this device is actually one that it can accept.

I am happy for the moment, TV works.

Endpoint 1 MaxPacketSize 64 usb Detected FTBM usb Some vendors are open with their USB protocols and help with the creation of Linux drivers, while others do not publish them, and developers are forced to reverse-engineer. Please remember that this driver is still in the staging phase in the 3.