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We hope it will also cost significantly less than the Granite Bay boards that we are seeing today. Like the other products based on this chipset, this board has an excellent set of functions and numerous components; besides, ASUSTeK added a possibility of fine tweaking and overclocking from BIOS. Benchmarks Sandra Although only theoretical tests the Sandra benchmarks provide a way of comparing basic performance. Good board, lots of features, marginal performance increase over single channel, high price. And again, overclocking is unable to yield a significant performance gain for the P4G8X. Vi kommer tilbake til overklokkingsegenskapene senere i testen. No dual LAN here, but Gigabit should be adequate for most.

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Granite Bay can accommodate up to 4GB of memory, which contributes to its workstation-centric typecast. We have got the board of the Gold series.

Asus P4G8X Deluxe

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Both boards play UT very well indeed even at x with all the details set to their highest quality. If you apply the improvement to the results we achieved when comparing the DFI motherboard to the Asus P4T with Rambus the two boards will be almost identical.

Basic Features Tyan S Adjustment can be carried out with: This is most likely due to a latency issue and the problem of synchronising memory access from 2 memory banks. Although we tested the board with expensive DDR Ram, which is totally over the top, the board works equally well with DDR memory which can be purchased very cheaply indeed. If you’re interested in how this FireWire controller works, head on over to TI’s features page on the TSB43AB22they list all the features about this controller that you could want to know.


Intel’s E7205: Granite Bay Hits the Streets

That’s one reason why the chip’s cost is high. Doubt you’ll ever use this but it does come in handy when the need arises.

For this system pg8x value is 32 MB. It can be recommended for manufacturers who need the maximum performance especially in the professional 3D graphics with the best quality of operation. System Setup Intel Pentium 4 3. All graphics tests were run at x 32bit colour resolution. SiSoft Sandra Memory Bandwidth Notes We all know that the iE is capable of performing very well in memory bandwidth benchmarks.

SiS brikkesettet tilbyr b. Broadcom Gigabit LAN.

ASUS P4G8X Deluxe Gold, Socket 478, Intel (P4G8X/DELUXE/GD) Motherboard

This is one reason why Intel did deuxe put the chipset in the series but rather tagged it to the ‘E’ series. PCI slots and BlueMagic slot. On paper its potential for a good overclock was high; the main reservation in our minds was caused by memories of how badly the Asus P4T Rambus motherboard coped with increased FSB and voltage.


S4 — Hibernate with all power off and the image of your desktop saved to disk.

ASUS P4G8X Deluxe (Intel E) Based Mainboard

S1 — Standby, with display and drives powered off, but power maintained for CPU, memory and fans. Plenty of settings for tweaking memory timings. However, it is still PCI 2. Software Downloads Installation Bios Setup.

Plenty of space on delue half of board P4G8X back panel In the box – tons of accessories! This is an assu archive page of HWZ prior to revamp. S0 — Active, with all power on. This is quite an irony as what you’ll potentially save from not purchasing PC RDRAM modules is being reinvested back into the chipset. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to contact us.

We installed a Pentium 4 2. Testing It is all very well producing theoretical tests to demonstrate performance. Some applications and games are still using the former calculation and issue a warning if the AGP aperture is low.

The benchmarks were all carried out using the same core components and each test was run twice to ensure accuracy. The result was 3.