Mechanical Flat Panel Mount Interface. The widescreen format might not be that great for first person shooters, but strategy games are certainly well suited. Although if looked at closely, the colour palette has a slight bleeding around each colour block. As a general guideline, I would not recommend serious “dark” gaming or “dark” movie playback VERY close to this monitor and in the very bright ambient light in front of the screen. Without a colorimeter, this manufacturer also gives you the option to adjust the monitor from a series of patterns. I have to admit that widescreen field of view is amazing. However, the image quality is still fine, and the extra size can have its benefits in terms of immersion in gaming, and for watching movies.

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Can’t wait to do some photoshop and Priemiere with it! During my time with this monitor, I’ve grown to love it. However, with DVD quality video I do get some pretty bad banding apparently this is to be expected but it is better than my CRT in other ways However, in terms of reclaiming desk space, we like the fact that the stand is ‘hollow’, making a great place to put your pens and post-it notes.

The six monitors tested are equipped with TN panels. Reflections are noticeable in certain lighting conditions and movie playback suffers a little because of it. We tested all scenes and they are the ones with the least twinkling belihea.


Log in or Sign up. It’s a keeper in this regard.

Belinea 10 20 30W

3w The first thing to realise when buying a new screen is that you can’t always rely on quoted specifications. The screen is reasonably limited in its functionality featuring only a basic tilt function as far as movement goes.

But let’s not be too hard on Samsung. We used the WFP for normal office tasks, including writing, web browsing and some Photoshop work.

Belinea 10 20 30W reviews

Latency belines perceptible at times, though, especially compared to other models – mostly TN panels – that are faster The brightness and viewing angle is a little worse here than on the NEC, which has the funky OptiClear coating.

Determines how long in seconds the OSD menu waits before closing automatically after no action has been performed.

At close inspection, one can observe some very faint lucencies in the upper left and lower right corner. Fine for anyone who casually farts about in games or just wants windows alerts.

So no problem as far bslinea I’m concerned. This manual also for: However, at the risk of seeming like a nitpicker, I will point out that the panel’s brightness is excessive at the calibration point. This monitor gets the benefit of the huge effort Samsung has made to improve the contrast of these displays. The panel itself seems very responsive didn’t notice any discernable ghosting, I am guessing people that are ultra sensitive might be able to detect some ghosting with certain colour transitions.


Nov 13, at 6: The results are impressive, both screens are very similar! As a guide and general rule of thumb: My desktop text was a bit weird at first, but I set sharpness to 5 and its perfect. There’s no high-definition media around that can correctly utilise the display’s x resolution: The 20WMGX2 was clearly designed for gamers rather than photographers.

Belinea 10 20 30W – LCD monitor – ” Overview – CNET

Some people may find the OptiClear glossy finish similar to Sony’s X-Black filter a little too reflective, but belinae all comes down to individual taste at the end of helinea day.

The colour was at a good level – not over saturated and not under bright. Although the Samsung T edged NEC out in terms 30e color accuracy, the high contrast and high-brightness of the image made an ideal monitor for gaming. The definition of individual shades at the ends of the scale was worse than on the NEC LCD20WGX2but it was crucially able to sustain a better balance between white and black than that display, giving it a better range of colour.

Just like with games, you only have to step back a little when you watch a movie. These are all produced by a range of panel manufacturers and offer a variety of strengths and weaknesses.