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Remember me Forgot your password? I used the driver for XP, extracted the files, changed file [ You can customise the pattern files to add additional ad sites or to stop Ad Zap from zapping ads from certain sites. Navigation menu Back to Website. Win2k driver successfully installs and runs perfectly as of r It is possible to set the SpeedDuplex in the registry to Mb or other setting.

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Supported Hardware/Network cards

Prerequisites You Need the Following Installed in this order: Which user is eating up my bandwidth? Driver detects, installs, gets an IP address, and the statistics show data is transferred livecddbg added Intel drivers to ISO. See the thread about Dansguardian for more information. It is possible to set the SpeedDuplex in the registry to Mb or other setting. This works much more powerful if combine it with opendns.

Personal tools Log in. Afterwards I had to go to Device Manager, update the Ethernet Controller to that specific location, then as soon as the drivers list updated it installed. Worked fine with the D-Link driver provided on the CD.


Re: [K12OSN] Home access from Mac OS 9

It installs but doesn’t work. Driver is detected and installed on real hardware. Tested on real hardware, device works without any issue.

Powered by Inkwarehouse Philippines. R100 XP [1] Note that it may require another search. If you want to remove DG completely then use the following command: The administrator has disabled public write access.

ReactOS started freezing after the install. An Advanced Log Reporting Tool can audit usage of all web surfing activity. Computer model is Lenovo T Compex own driver is too old, NDIS 3.

Installs with Windows driver but doesn’t connect fails to assign valid IP. Configuration The Installation script aoutomagically determines your Green IP info and fills in the relevant parts of the config file for you.

I could ping Google and I got an dynamic IP from my main wireless router. Rebooted and ran the install again. Dansguardian will also manage the ipblock manually. It installs and works on real hardware, using tl100 Windows XP drivers.

Due to popular public demand, im posting the guide for setting up a linux firewall with squid installed, we will start from the simple one called Smoothwall Express 2. Please update this page with the status of each NIC that is tested.


Try to test a Windows XP driver and if that fails try a Windows driver but be sure to mention the failure of the XP driver in your comments. Click here to visit.

Supported Hardware/Network cards – ReactOS Wiki

Because the file is too large to post here, all i do is to host on my server, its free to download on pdf format. Works with Windows XP offical drivers as well. I installed it using the executable setup on Lenovo’s website.

Compfx installed it and turned on my computer real hardware and ReactOS installs the driver automatically. I copied the driver files from XP and it installed with no problem.