Having a problem logging in? If you are having problems with X. Installing the Etch-And-A-Half release Starting from this release, there are now two methods for installing the 4. Similar Portable Linux Posts: Debian package version sometimes starts with a digit followed by a column, like 1: This option is best for users with hardware that is supported by the etch-and-a-half kernel but is not supported by the default etch installer.

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HOWTO: Installing nVidia Grapics Drivers on Debian Etch –

My email address is in my user profile. For the version of the nvidia kernel module that etch was using at the time I wrote thisone hunk fails in os-interface. My graphics card was nbidia in and falls under the xx legacy driver series. From all the reading I did on the Internet there is a drawback to this method. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Posted by Muthukumar T at Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

Script to install Nvidia driver in Debian Squeeze with one click

Having a problem logging in? Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6. Trying to sleep during raised irql!! All versions above are available only for the x86 and x architectures Debian i and AMD64 ports respectively. If you are performing a new etch install of your system using the Ettch lenny -based installer, an updated aboot package will automatically be used.


However, the configuration described below should not be applied to Nvidia Optimus systems; on such systems, the primary X display is driven by your Intel GPU, which is autodetected by X. Some existing etch packages have nivdia updated to add support for new hardware and for compatibility with the 2.

No such file or directory tar: Yeah, that’s the step. In case it doesn’t work you may try creating the tarball manually following the schema used by an existing one in the Nvifia archive. Multiple precompiled driver versions are available for Debian 8 “Jessie”: You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.

The moment X started, my PC was noiseless. Updated the Nvidis headers no problem, and I was about to update the drivers as well, but I decided to hold off for a second. You will need to create the directory twice.

Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. I’m stuck only viewing the bottom screen worth.


Replace it with whatever directory you actually use. These devices will not be available at installtime when using a Debian lenny -based installer. Where exactly did you get your Xen kernel?

The OS itself seems fine, it drops me to text only, which seems to work. Works with the following Linux systems or remixes of them: Install the appropriate linux-headers and kernel module packages: To create a starting point for customization, do the following.

Like I said, horribly new to anything Unix related. I usually avoid proprietary graphics card. Install using Debian 4.

SUSE n00b help with nvidia driver, dual monitor, mp3 playback in amarok, etc. Originally Posted by JoseCuervo.