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When we got a request to review a Vostro , I wasn’t sure what to expect of it. Hmm, the Vostro is pretty interesting. SuperPi and wPrime are popular synthetic benchmarks commonly used on the internet to test a how fast the processor and memory is. The magnesium alloy construction remains untouched, leaving it as one of the stronger, yet relatively light laptops on the market. Even speakers provided reasonable sound quality. Vostro and introduce a new keyboard layout for the Vostro family.

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Some went as far as calling it a “tank”, both to identify its bulkiness and rigid construction. All systems have been updated with all latest Windows updates prior to testing. Then re-download the drivers for the Ricoh R5C card reader from Dell’s website and re-install. I have tried the card in: This is the first laptop besides the XPS series I came across which actually makes CPU upgrade easy at home, if you have a processor that will work in this laptop. This laptop scored 3, points in PCMark In our PCMark test we have encountered a strange inconsistency, where transparent windows test performed exceptionally well under Vista Home Basic, but not under other 2 operating systems.

One of them contains wireless networking hardware and hard disk, and the other contains the memory and CPU, as well as fan. Power and battery charge LEDs, microphone and headphone jacks, card reader. I also like that it seems fairly easy to upgrade the ram and even the hard drive if wanted. In addition, we felt that the laptop might be somewhat limited by the albeit minimal, but still present 3rd party applications, which may take up system resources and cause test results to be not quite what they can and should be.


Thread Details Last Edited by redsolar August 9, at Copyright – Super PI has known issues with Windows Vista, or configurations with 4GB of memory installed, and we were unable to complete the test under Vista Home Basic, hence it is missing from comparison.

Both old and new Vostro models have one as well.

Dell Vostro Review: A Worthy Upgrade to the Vostro –

While pretty cool at first, it couldn’t really distinguish between an open and protected network, and I didn’t find myself using it much. Benchmarks tests such as HD Tune can accurately measure how fast a specific drive is, and help compare different brands, models, and sizes of drives between each other. In both cases, biometric data is vostrk to prevent unauthorized access.

I’ve installed the drivers off the Dell site, and it appears in the Device Manager.

There is a slot loading DVD burner, bright screen, headphone jack, and a set of touch-sensitive LED-backlit media control buttons right above the keyboard. All in all, GB should be plenty for everyone in a laptop.

Dell Vostro 1510 Review: A Worthy Upgrade to the Vostro 1500

The new Vostro offers a wide variety of connectivity options for just about any device a business user would require. Delk better than my desktop.

While it’s still very limited in what it can achieve, it’s somewhat an interesting choice, considering it does not provide nearly as much options as Dell’s own BIOS. When we got a request to review a VostroI wasn’t sure what to expect of it. We also performed a torture test with everything at full load, including processor, video card, DVD drive, screen, hard drive, both wired and wireless networking.


This works really well, however, it makes opening the laptop with one hand much harder, if not impossible.

With the recent movement to slim down, Dell started by putting the 15″ Vostro on a diet: Compared to the other 2, better equipped, laptops in the test it scored lower, as was expected. I’m the bus driver. The construction still feels very solid on the base of a laptop, dell the screen feels a little too soft, although still much better than screens on XPS m or m, which are outright thin.

The left most of those features behind.

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Some may wonder why we are talking about XP, when the laptop ships with Vista. Sounds like a good one. The results, however, are adequate for the processor of this class and speed. While mostly a cosmetic issue, I prefer being able to see the hard drive activity indicator when the laptop is closed, especially since there are 2 other LEDs visible, but that certainly doesn’t make it a deal breaker for me.