How about Goblin Toe? Really, anything you have the strength to wear upped is worth it. Beowulf , Aug 27, The huge strength bonus on The Minotaur looks really nice, but it also requires more and is slower or is it? The thing is if you have nothing else then ya for pvm it should be decent but there are so many better faster weapons. Thanks for the detailed response. Whirlwind is a bit boring IMO because you just slowly whirl back and forth through groups of monsters and there is little else to it.

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Both weapons will give way to runewords in the end, it seems. I know my name! Really, anything you have the strength to wear upped is worth it. Now your golem WILL STILL get overwhelmed and die if you aren’t careful, but if you watch that pet carefully, you can portal to town and heal him up mid battle, to keep that Steeldriver golem as long as possible.


I upped Kelpie on my Javazon and her merc is still using it. As for weapons, some lower items still have some ulped after an upgrading like the Steeldriver.


Don’t have an account? My Mfer can now solo Nm Baals fiablo hopefully I’ll find something good soon. I don’t really want to make a Whirlwind Barb, but it’s not a strict “no-no” – rather curious about other, non-cookie cutter possibilites. Don’t have an account? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Your name or email address: The higher levelreq is used to calculate the rlvl, Code. A few uniques that come to mind now are.

TorAug 28, Turn that sucker into an Iron Golem. Well, thanks for the honest, if disappointing, answer. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Double Upd Steeldriver – d2jsp Topic

Actually, I was talking about the headstriker at that point, but yes, it is possible to misunderstand that. It is hard to judge though when comparing the damage listed between weapons due to differences in attack speed.

For the other weapons, a simple insight in the thresher can be great even if you dont need the mana regen because insight also does a lot of damage in itself and is very cheap.


Submit puped new link. Lord of Destruction Uniques worth upgrading? Yes, my password is: TheDarkSideAug 30, Who wants to play with me? I just laugh at bosses as they crawl to do anything. Forgot your username or password? Sandstorm Trek is an elite item and can’t be upped.

SP Concentrate Barb – upped Steeldriver or The Minotaur? : diablo2

For my mid-level characters, the act 2 merc always gets a Kelpie. Well I searched and steeeldriver that it can be upped to an elite thundermaul that takes strength.

Keep me logged in on this device. Make a character and keep the eth Steeldriver on your weapon switch. Vipermagi, Treks, and Herald of Zakarum are three that come to mind. As its a Normal Unique can it be upped twice to get to ELite status or just once? Should I use that instead?