Top-level Meta-data The following items correspond to syntax elements that may appear in parentheses in the first line of an ADL archetype. Boolean — True if the existence of this node conforms to other. Constraint on instances of assumed primitive type Duration, which is assumed to have the same parts as the ISO duration string. The constraints define which configurations of reference model class instances are considered to conform to the archetype. Normally this kind of change should be written into the archetype, so that it is upgraded to the standard form. Phase 1 – Basic Integrity The following validation can be performed on an archetype mostly without reference to its parent, if it is specialised. Validity Rules The validity rules are as follows:

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Includes detailed input and review from:. This structure is normally only used for templates, enabling small value sets for which no external reference set or subset is defined to be captured locally in the template. Defines conformance and congruence function signatures.

Directory of term definitions as a two-level table. This does not imply conformance only to this release, since an archetype may be valid with respect to multiple releases of a reference model. Introduction of new internal coding schemeconsisting of id-codes, at-codes and ac-codes.

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URIs of original clinical document s or description of which resource ett-icdx a formalisation, in the language of this description item; keyed by meaning.


The basis of visual editing of an archetype is the flat form of the parent, with the user permitted to make modifications that are conformant with the flat parent.

Generally limited to leaf and near-leaf nodes. Otherwise it must carry the same node identifier or none as the corresponding parent node.

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Archetype-local value sets, each keyed by value-set id, i. Here it is not simply the archetype org. Concretely, it is a somewhat sophisticated operation, since it has to take into account a number of specifics allowed by ADL and the AOM, including: It can be thought of like a keyhole, into which few or many keys might fit, depending on how specific its shape is.

The constraints define which configurations of reference model class instances are considered to conform to the archetype.

Eti-cdx is templated i. Use constants instead of literals to refer to terminology in RM. Reference to owning resource. This can also be accommodated.

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Any decline in our credit ratings or increase in the credit spreads charged by the market for et-ifdx our credit risk is likely to adversely affect the value et-icdz the notes. True if constraints represented by this node contain no further redefinitions with respect to the node other. True if this node is prohibited. The following validity warnings apply to container attributes, i. We reserve the right to change the terms of, or reject any offer to purchase, the notes prior to their issuance.


Name of this profile, usually based on the publisher it pertains to e.

The following is an example of using this facility to enable primitive type matching for openEHR archetypes. If these fees and expenses were included, the hypothetical total returns shown above would be lower. This is a string reference to an archetype, and is normally the ‘interface’ form of the id, i. The holistic healthcare information system. Every constraint binding must be to a defined archetype constraint code ‘ac-code’.

Constraint on instances of Boolean. Et-iccx creates a potential problem of competing libraries of archetypes trying to model the same information entities in slightly different but incompatible ways.

Archetype Object Model 2 (AOM2)

AOM Lifecycle State Mappings Another kind of useful mapping adjustment that can help to make tools process archetypes in a more homogeneous way is to do with the AOM life-cycle states, which are standardised in the openEHR Archetype Identification specification.

Constraint Model Package 4.

Two machine identifiers are defined for archetypes. These are described in Figure Rules Package. The member codes b1.0 a value set must be unique within the value set.