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I used a Fantom X6 for years, it’s got some great sounds. Or do i need to buy a midi to usb cable now? Don’t forget if you change the patch on the Rolandthen the Midi track will be driving your new patch. And the idea of a midi track folder to utilize all 16 channels of the Fantom would be marvelous! Performing with the Fantom-X Splits, layers, realtime controllers and more make the Fantom-X hot onstage. Users browsing this forum:

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What is the difference in function with the local control on or off? It worked right off the bat and has been working with zero problems since.

Twitter Auch bei Roland wird getwittert. Capture loops, vocals, noises or any other sound with the Fantom-X’s advanced sampling capabilities.

These files will need to be extracted from the zip file before you can burn them to a CD. I hacked the XG ini files to give me all the patches and drum sounds, they matched the patches on my synth perfectly including all the expansion ROMs I installed, I still have them if you want them. Good advice above is to create a track folder, and if you are using performance mode, use one midi track per Fantom Channel It’s all about Midi in and Midi out.


Or do i need to buy a midi to usb cable now? I have read the article in SOS referenced earlier repeatedly and frankly have a hard time “wrapping my head around midi inputs and outputs”. Setting it up this way allowed me to select any preset on the keyboard from inside Sonar and use the keyboard for midi input and output. Don’t forget if you change the patch on the Rolandthen the Midi track will be driving your new patch.

Add one audio track per channel though you will need to record one audio track per run-through then save this as a track template I did load a. Monitoring through the mixer let me capture performances regardless of the PDC settings.

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YMMV if you’re monitoring inside Sonar. Advanced Fantom-X Recording Techniques Learn how to use time-based effects, create arpeggios, work with mastering effects and record realtime patch tweaks. Not z6 as nice as having a VST control like Virus, but it worked quite well. Send me a PM with your email address and I’ll send them to you. I see it listed as offline in the Audio Midi setup utility.

Direct the midi track output to the Fantom X midi port, fajtom 1. If you want to use the original patch in your song you’ll need to bounce it to track before changing patches, this is if you want to build up a performance just from the Fantom.


How do I get my external Roland Fantom synth midi and analog sounds into Sonar Producer?

I reinstalled the They help to make selecting patches slightly easier but you can also just select the patch you want on the synth itself or include the necessary MIDI commands to select the patch in the MIDI track that’s connected to the synth.

I use external synths a lot. Jesse G Max Output Level: Is the Fantom multi-timbral? Fantom-X System Update Version 2. Fantom-X Editor Version 1. View More Photo Galleries. This booklet explains how. Click [ More info ] 2. User Control Panel Log out.

Whatever patch you have selected in patch mode of the Fantom should sound. X Themes Mobile Progressive. Thanks again for all of your time and effort!