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This can be very helpful when you search the reason for failing tests. Due to the high number of version and platforms you need to be sure that what you are using is compatible with Selenium. To get a full list of sauce labs Operating systems and configurations, refer to their browsers page documentation. You are commenting using your WordPress. In this post, I will outline the steps you will need to configure the following browsers: Geb is not only a very nice DSL for browser automation, it has also many powerful features. After you have downloaded this file, you should save it locally.

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Hi Sam, using fuzzy matching for element selection sounds interesting.

Spock is one of the most popular testing frameworks for the Groovy language. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In this post, I will outline the steps you will need to configure the following browsers: IE and Phantomjs do not work when behind a proxy.

This article provides step by step detailed guide how firsfox use Firefox with Selenium GeckoDriver. Here, I ask for a firefox instance on Windows 8.


Basic Auth with Geb and FirefoxDriver

Tests are often treated as second-class citizens. Ubuntu server install google chrome in headless. If you want to start playing around with Geb immediately, just open up a Groovy Shell normally via groovysh and type in the following lines.

Geb is a Groovy library, but you can use it for any application you want. Can you please suggest me the way.

Add the following dependency under the plugin block: Now we can control the firefox via the Browser instance. The initial page could be labeled MovieListPage. After you have downloaded this file, you should save it locally.

SeleniumHQ browser compability This might help to save your precious time.

Geb Programmer : How to execute Geb with different browsers

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To start, open up your BuildConfig. Download the appropriate release preferred to be a recent one based on whether your Firefox is bit or bit and the OS version. firedox

Add this to the top of your GebConfig: There are several versions of GeckoDriver depending on OS and bit or bit version. And the Page Object Pattern is a means to observe these two. Particularly the cloud setup. February von Sam. You are commenting using your WordPress. Connection refused Reasons direfox be: Take a look at my geb-demo project on GitHub to see profiles in action. One can quickly make out candidates for page objects in the movie database: Can you please send me your email so i can forward you the code and get some advise from you.


The driver is downloaded from the maven repo automatically, and make sure the GebConfig. And you can easily iterate over the result-set like we do in the next example. Solution downgrade selenium driver update Firefox version Error 3. Post as a guest Name. You can also change firerox of the configurations.