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Click Hardware , then Device Manager. The room password, CL moderator password and CL presenter password are now entered in three separate fields. When prompted, enter the password. Yet more hotComm Gremlins were fixed -including one relating to peer state display. More Fixes in File Sharing -including ability to dive into and download partial directories: Software updates do not change your settings for existing events.

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hotComm Highlights

Select Display Adaptors, and click Next. Dropped Jpg mirrod other files shorter than k are send through the Server to all session users rather than one at a time from the sender.

If hotComm Mirror Driver is not listed, scroll to the bottom of the list, select Add a new hardware deviceand click Next. The files are deleted when you start your hotComm client. You can also use a hotComm Lite unlock code in a hotComm Pro product, but you get hotComm Standard time, which does not have the same features as hotComm Pro. Image changes are determined by comparing screen activity with a mirror copy of the screen, instead of with a saved image. The crowning glory of this release is the automatic use of the hotComm Proxy Server for any users behind firewalls to provide ezPeer and IM-Live capabilities to them.


Right-Mouse filled box for Post-it. Moderators can now disable audio recording in sessions that might be sensitive or copywritten. Java hotco,m – Fix for problem where Voting Poll crashes in the hotComm Java client if you let it time out and you are using the latest Sun Java. This option is disabled if the session is active.

hotComm Revision History

New – Excel Collaboration is almost complete allowing you morror enter cell data remotely. Log says Lost Connection or Disconnected based on exit cause. There was no 2.

Added the Jaguar wav mirorr back in by popular demand. Double-click the separated panel to return it to the fixed panel. Note, Incomapatible backwards to.

Fix for excessive resource use when mousing around in transcript area. New – the Java client supports multiple banner links. Changes in Auto Download in hotComm Standard. Lite users should see a faster login.

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It will restart again on camera off-on by sender or exiting and re-join of the session. This means that on any day, you have the files from today, yesterday and the day before hotco,m.


Toolbar dragging is hogcomm. Yield Desktop Control to User – similar to Yield Application Control, except that it gives control of your entire desktop to one user.

Windows Vista – hotComm is now Vista compatible. This is available for all hotComm Windows clients not Java. If you are in a room or session, click the Raise Hand icon and it is posted into the room to let the presenter know you want attention. Input Peak Meter which hhotcomm mic input is now on the right side of your hotComm window.

Audio Focus now mirroor correctly. Session Record timer now works correctly. Your Lite identity can now be exported to multiple computers, so mirgor you can install the same license at work and home and other places. Click Hardwarethen Device Manager. The Encoder is about 10Mb to download. Fix – Transparent Collaborator boxes are now the same size at both sides.