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Open the battery cover. This MB digital media player is capable of managing many songs, which means you are able to move your desert island tunes onto it. The player will manage the battery indicator icon to better match the usage level. Users can configure their own settings. If your player gets wet, dry the outside with a soft cloth as soon as possible. You may also like. Please read this manual carefully before using your new player.

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Download Iriver iFP (UMS) Firmware for OS Independent

If your player gets wet, dry the outside with a soft cloth as soon as possible. The mechanics used the recordings made during several quarter-mile runs at mph to diagnose some engine tuning issues. I had hoped that it could just be plugged into a computer and recognized as a legitimate USB device, but no.

The amount of silence the player will use to determine when a track has ended and to start a new file. Remove the battery if player is unused for long periods of time. Windows XP Icp iRiver software driver will not cause any damage to your computer. Time range can be set from 1 to minutes by one minute increments.


iRiver iFP-890 Manuals

Characters in LCD are corrupted. Set the relative level of sound needed to activate the recorder. Time display may not be accurate for files encoded in Variable Ipf Rate formats. The special program recognizes it and ifpp you to copy the tracks to your computer. A beep sound will play one minute before the player shuts off.

The third negative is the denseness of the menus – it’s a bit hard to navigate idp without having to refer to the manual repeatedly. I use this unit to record backup audio, not as a playback unit. Randomly play all tracks in the player repeatedly. Furthermore, this iRiver MB MP4 allows you to chase boredom away while commuting, riding in a car, or traveling thanks to its ample battery life.

Then press the button repeatedly to chose a different EQ. Because this iRiver MB MP4 includes great digital signal processing, you can listen to your songs and titles with confidence. People who bought this also bought. Listen to your files on jfp PC to see if they are corrupted.

Skip 10 tracks at time. Press it again to play.

Trending Price New. Read full review Verified purchase: I bought the Giant Squid microphone and then mounted it on lapels and jackets to get a close up sound recording of the speaker. You can adjust the sound to your preference.


And that software doesn’t work on newer versions of Windows! With several hours of recording time in the highest quality setting and its small size, the iRiver is a convenient piece of gear to have.

Alarm rings in the set time every day.

Plays the beginning 10 seconds of each track. No beep sound is played. NOTE Pausing the recording will not create a new file, recording will be added to the current recording. Convenient for recording but needs special software I use this unit to record backup audio, not as a playback unit.

Check the Manager program to make sure it is operating. Turn off the power of other electric devices near the player.

At the time indicated in the “Set Alarm” setting see below the player will power on and begin music playback.