Initial shipments of the Easy Presenter came with remote version A. To isolate your presentation file as a source of the problem, create a new blank presentation with several screens. Because of this, the remote requires the laser point to be enabled prior to using it this is done by pressing two buttons on the remote. Step 3 – Re-sync your remote to your receiver – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – To re-sync your remote to your receiver, connect the receiver to your computer’s USB port and hit [press the button and release] the reset button with a paper clip via the small hole on top of the receiver. For multimedia presentations, it can control the system volume on a Mac or PC.

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Call us at 1 If you do not see, the HID device, or if you see the HID device and still can’t control your mouse cursor using your Keyspan Presentation Remote, please contact Keyspan for further support. Since Keyspan Easy Presenter version B is preprogramed to send out Up backward button or Down Forward button keystroke to your computer, thus slides would keep forwarding even you press the backward button on the remote.


Tripp Lite offers three presentation remotes: For remotes that require software to enable F5, please note that we will be releasing an update for Eventually, this software will also be removed from our website. In these cases, your button press may be queue up. Your battery will drain over the course of a few hours if the battery is a inside your remote AND b something is continually pressing one of your remote’s buttons ie if the remote is in a tight computer bag, objects are pressing against the face of the remote, etc.

Selecting a remote depends on personal preference, but you should consider if you need mouse control: The Parallel side requires: Please note that this is an unsupported workaround. If the problem goes away, your USB hub may not sufficiently power your Keyspan device.

The following is a features summary of the three Keyspan USB presentation remotes: The Keyspan Easy Pr-es1 also has a laser pointer http: How do I obtain a replacement CD? Mouse control is helpful if you are controlling programs other than PowerPoint and Keynote.

We are currently looking into this problem. It has mouse control, two types of slide control, and volume controls.

Distance may be affected by battery levels. To isolate your presentation file as a source of the problem, create a new blank presentation with several screens.

PR-US2 :: Product Q&A

The Presentation Remote works up to 40 feet — even through walls and furniture. To do this, please do the following: It includes mouse control with left and right click buttons but lacks the the black screen, F5, ESC. Under normal use, the Presentation Remote’s battery battery P-rez1 should last approximately one year.


How do I uninstall this software? Surge Protectors Surge Protectors. Did you spot an error? Mac OS X will remember that you closed this window and it will not popup again. When I try install my Keyspan software, I get the following error stating: You should also experience when connecting any USB mouse to your computer. We’re always available to help with questions, including product selection, sizing, installation and product customization.

How do I access the Windows Device Manager?

Keyspan Easy Presenter Remote Control – PC, Mac PR-EZ1 Leaflet

pr–ez1 It is not possible to determine which ID you remote has. Because of this, Keyspan will not call you back if you leave a message or an email asking for a call back. Please let us know how we can make this information more useful to you. It has volume control, but does not have a dedicated button for this purpose.