Leave enough space around the computer and other equipment to provide adequate ventilation. AC Adaptor If you frequently use your computer at more than one site, it may be convenient to purchase an additional AC adaptor to be kept at each site in order to remove the need to always carry the adaptor with you. No light Under any other conditions, the indicator does not light. Never remove the battery pack while the computer is in Sleep Mode. Radio links You can easily establish links between two or more devices, with these links being maintained even if the devices are not within a line-of-sight of each other. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

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Web Camera The Web Camera is a device that allows you to record video or take photographs with your computer. Please note that some software may disable or interfere with soft-key operations, and that the soft-key settings are not restored when the computer returns from Sleep Mode. Instant security A specific hot key function automatically locks the system providing data security.

To enter a password manually, follow these steps: BluetoothTM Some computers in this series have Bluetooth wireless communication function which eliminates the need for cables between electronic devices such as computers and printers and mobile phones.

Please refer to step 8 from step 6. Please refer to the Monitoring of power condition section in Chapter 6, Power and Power-up Modes for more information. The password is necessary only if the computer was shut down in boot mode, not in Hibernation or Sleep mode.


When this error appears, the following action is recommended. Chapter 5, The Keyboard, describes special lbaelflashtm functions including the keypad overlay and hot keys. Power saving features may interfere with smooth playback. All models are provided with Fn key functions. Select a user which is deleted in the Management screen. Check with your local government authority for details regarding where to recycle old batteries or how to dispose labeltlashtm them properly.

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Toshiba SATELLITE L505D-LS5002 User Guide Manual Operating

It enables you to view, resize, rotate, apply color corrections and effects to your photos in an easy and professional way. Icons Icons identify ports, dials, and other parts comp,iant your computer.

When it is displayed, be sure to read the Software License Terms carefully. This powerful notebook computer provides excellent expansion capability, includes multimedia functionality, and is designed to provide years of reliable, high-performance computing.

If you disconnect an eSATA device or turn off the power while the computer is accessing the drive you may lose data or damage an eSATA device or the drive.

Toshiba SATELLITE LD-LS User Guide Manual Operating |

In use there are six different types of keys, specifically typewriter keys, function keys, soft keys, Hot keys and Windows special keys. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning. Since the human body can carry static electricity, it is important that you discharge compliamt before touching or installing any additional memory modules.


Volume in style files can be changed in two ways: Do not try to force the connection, doing so can damage the connecting pins. Remove all cables and peripherals that are connected to the computer. Please also be aware that the questions and procedures described in this chapter are meant only as a guide, they are not definitive problem solving techniques.

Click Set up a connection or network. To enter Hibernation Mode, follow the steps below.

Click the arrow button in the power management buttons and select Hibernate from the menu. You can also tap the Touch Pad to perform functions similar to those of the left button on a standard mouse. If the authentication is successful, the image data taken in step 6 will be faded in and placed over one another.

If you continue to use the computer while the Battery indicator flashes, the computer will enable Hibernation Mode so that you do not lose any data, and labelflashrm turn itself off. Click Start and then click Connect To to display Connect to a network window.

Using the wrong adaptor can damage your computer. Please refer to the Media care section in Chapter 4 for further details comoliant cleaning the media. Select Sounds from the menu.