Bluetooth Devices


To connect certain command with a button, select button on the left side, and it’s command on the right side. To be able to use spacenavd used in this article you need to compile your kernel with input evdev support as well as with support for Logitech HID devices and Physical Interface Device support. See spavenav’s site, it has general info. If sometimes navigator stops working, it is good to restart driver. Because I have Blender 2.

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SpaceNavigator – Gentoo Wiki

That will permit you to simulate key presses or mouse movements and the rest of the software stack Xorg, etc. See spavenav’s site, it has general info. The last time I have checked the official driver, the daemon required you to run it as root in order to access the hardware and also needed an open access to your X session too to display its Motif!

Moreover, the driver is proprietary, with no source code, causing problems with compatibility. I watched many sites, but they all talk about 2. Blender Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. I set both buttons respectively to Shift sacemouse Crtl, and they work everywhere!

3DConnexion SpaceNavigator in Linux – Jan’s bits and bytes

It was a horrendous port from old commercial Unix from some 20 years ago where this kind of setup was par for the course but that has no place on a modern Linux system connected to the Internet. The rules above are designed for Mageia Linux, different distros Ubuntu, Suse, … may need different rules.


Before it was possible to do such things using browser plugins as well but that possibility is being deprecated and removed by the browser vendors for security reasons. The official drivers work this around by running everything as root, which is a security problem. I use Blender 2. Download and build the replacement libndofdev library sources.

3Dconnexion input devices

SDL installed, including the development package headers. The device cannot be managed by both Xorg and the spacenavd daemon at the same time, see modes of operation. To enable SpaceNavigator support for Llinux you need to enable use flag “ndof”. To restart it, go to Terminal and execute:. This is why two additional pages were added to “Customize” dialog. Apart from using VRPNwhich is an overkill for simple projects, it is easy to use the device directly using the input framework as HID device.

The messy low level stuff like managing permissions and device files is handled by udev and PolicyKit for me.

3DConnexion SpaceNavigator in Linux

Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution unless otherwise noted. SpaceNavigator From Gentoo Wiki. Have a look at the open source SpaceNav project http: However, adding support is fairly simple. That runs a daemon in the background to which programs that want to use linud device try to connect.

Liinux, the design is a security liability. If your Linux uses HAL for device management, it is possible that your Navigator will be recognized as a mouse and the cursor on the screen will keep linuxx when you apply pressure on the cap.


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A sapcemouse approach is either using chmod need to be done after every reboot and every re-connection of the device or using udev rules.

If everything worked correctly you should now have a working device in blender it must be emerge with ndof useflag, or 3dmouse for older version.

Onshape connects to local 3dconnexion server on https: Note Those protocols aren’t exclusive, both protocols can be build together, programs that choose to use the X11 protocol, are automatically compatible with either the free spacenavd driver or the proprietary driver. If you position the device in a different position inverting certain axes may be necessary to obtain expected behavior.

However, a Windows dude was able to achieve that, apparently by mapping input controls: Just plugged in, start Blender and enjoyed a flight into my scene.