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The G5 Laser Mouse is a gaming mouse and does work with the Mac. Dec 29, Posts: Accurate and has extra buttons I map to keys using included software, which is helpful for apps and games alike. USB Overdrive or a modified. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Nov 12,

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How do one adjust button settings for Logitech MX518?

Dec 29, Posts: Here is a whole kext modification howto: MurgilodJul 27, The metal keyboard is way better for typing on than you’d think from looking at it, but they mangled the media key and function key layout, and since I use both frequently, I can’t really use the keyboard. Record Number of Guests: In many cases, the software companies don’t mx5518 things any faster than the general population.

Logiteh single motivated person with coding talent and unlimited time will always be able to fix a single problem for a single product faster than a team who has to support many problems over many products with limited time. When doing accounts mx58, my spreadsheet had tiny columns and I noticed I was having trouble getting my no-name USB mouse to go to exactly the right area of the screen.


It’s probably the best mouse I have ever used – and I have used over 12 different mice I actually bought a dozen of them because I am picky and OCD! Do you already have an account?

MX518 + OSX

All other copyrights are property of their respective holders. Accurate and has extra buttons I map to keys using included software, which is helpful for apps and games alike. I’ve always used Logitech Control Center with logitecg Logitech mice.

ThreepwoodJul 30, Apr 3, 9: I’d read that the latter worked fully with the MX mouse whereas USBOverdrive seemed to have issues with it, so settled with Steermouse. I also use Logitech mice, a G5 at work and a G at home.

MX + OSX | [H]ard|Forum

I use a Logitech Wireless mouse, lasts forever and amazing to hold. Logitech doesnt support OSX for the MX, and although the mouse ‘works’ somewhat, it doesnt all work. DanielVanchesJul 27, MrEsquireJul 31, Sign up to receive weekly tech and creative know-how from Unity o. So do you have a recommendation for a good 3 button mouse that works on Mac?

I appreciate it will no doubt work as a two-button mouse but will I be able to configure the other buttons without the Logitech software?


Logitech now sell this follow-on version is called Logitech Anywhere Mouse M which looks almost identical to the VX Nano, but it is actually a little bit different – it is now a bit heavier instead of using 2 AAA batteries, it now use 2 AA.

I started using it when it came out, and have never once looked back. Want more efficiency in your development work?

Smoke Sorry, I had the wrong model. I use a logitech M90 for two years, no problem in Monodevelop. Click here to login.

Logitech MX works with Mac (or how I got it to)

The MX seems to have been discontinued. Nov 10, 4. Now I just use a cheap Logitech M No, create an account now. Kaji-AtsushiJul 27, So i unplug and replug and it works again well, except for 1 Anyone know how to fix either of these probs without getting a different mouse?